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Danza Mundial presents the World Dance Family

We love to dance

We can set an example

In these difficult times we want to look at the future and encourage each other. Here is a suggestion how to do this.

Keep training at home. Watch this video, and try to learn this dance. The second half of the video shows the dance from the back which makes it easier for the dancers to learn it.

Then, on April 29, World Dance Day, go out of your house at 5pm or go on your balcony, switch on the music and dance just as you are, performing this dance but keeping well away from other people.

This is how we can set an example that dance gives joy and courage. Perhaps you can even make a little video of your dance performance and share this with us.

And after April 29, the project will continue. Keep practising the dance. One day when the Corona Pandemic will finally be over, and when we will be permitted to meet in groups again, then we will set a date to meet in the central squares of all our cities and towns, and perform the dance there - finally together.

The World Dance Family

We love to dance