History of the Dance Competitions

In the year 1983 the German non profit association


with the young dancer and dance teacher, Korinna Söhn, as president organised the first German Dance Competition. Within the years it has become more and more successful. When in 2003 schools and clubs from nine different countries including China and Mexico participated Korinna Söhn decided that this no longer is a national competition. So in 2004 she continued the competition as an international competition which requires national qualifyers in order to be permitted to participate. Over the years more and more national qualifying competitions have been added.

As from 2021 the international competition now has a new name:

  Concurso mundial de danza – World Dance Contest

organised by

  Danza Mundial e.V.,

a non-profit association located in Munich and with international partners world wide. We hope thus to be able to keep the high quality of these competitions, and at the same time to continue giving a lot of joy to the dancing children over the world.