Danza Mundial Location City

Entry Fee

Solo: € 30,-

Duet / Trio: € 20,- per dancer and dance

Group: € 15,- per dancer and dance

Plus € 20,- per dancer for video and photos.

€ 10,- Danza Mundial membership fee must be paid at the national qualifying competition.

Entry tickets can be purchased at the theatre.

Entry: 15,- €

Estimated schedule of the World Dance Contest 2024

Shortly after the closing date of entries which means about middle of May 2024 you will here find the precise schedule of the World Dance Contest.

Depending on the numbers of entries small changes are still possible.

Location & Stage


Danza Mundial WDC Location

The World Dance Contest 2024, organized by Danza Mundial e.V., will take place at the Theater De Maaspoort in Venlo in the Netherlands. Next to the location is the historic city centre of Venlo with its many small and large shops and restaurants.

Stage & Event Hall

Danza Mundial WDC Location Stage

The dimensions of the stage will be released soon. The Theater De Maaspoort in Venlo is the ideal venue for the World Dance Contest, the Concurso mundial de danza. The foyer is spacious and there is ample space in the area in front of the theater.