Danza Mundial e.V.


Virtual qualifying competition for the
World Dance Contest

13. - 17.06. 2024 in Venlo

This competition is for dances and schools from those countries only where there does not yet exist a live qualifying competion.

All styles of dance are possible in four age categories and for solo, duet, trio, quartet and group dances.


and link for uploading the videos

Deadline for registration and sending in the videos: 20. March 2024

The technical quality of the video has no influence and is not included in the judging criteria. A simple video e.g. recorded with your mobile phone would be fine. No cuts during the dances, please.

List of all possible dance styles:

B - Ballet
N – National and Folklore Dance
F – free dance based on ballet
M – Modern and Contemporary Dance
J - Jazz (as from juniors onward only, possibly combined with show dance)
W - Show Dance
H - Hip hop, Street Dance and Commercial
A – Acrobatic Dance
V – Song and Dance
T – Tap Dance

In each style you have the following classes:

S - Solo
D - Duet/Trio
Q - Quartet (in ballet only)
G – Group with up to 10 dancers
GG - large group with 11 or more dancers

List of age classes:

Mini – up to 9 years of age
K – children, up to 13 years of age
J – juniors, up to 17 years of age
A – young adults, up to 25 years of age

In each age class the age of the oldest dancer counts. For the detailed rules of the competition as well as exceptions and additional classes look at the Rules.

Registration fee:

For each dance: € 30,-
In addition each dancer has to pay € 10,- Danza Mundial membership fee.

After your registration you will receive an invoice. The registraion fee has to be transferred via bank within five days after having received the invoice.

About two weeks after the deadline for registration you will be informed which of your dances qualified for the World Dance Contest. You will then have to confirm your participation via the registration link.

For examples of our styles of dance also visit our YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.